Stress Less

In today’s society we are experiencing increasing levels of stress and strain on both our bodies and our minds. Some of it we simply cannot control, but some of it we can or at least we can manage it and the way in which we respond to it.

The holistic approach is about evaluating your life and identifying where positive change can be made to help you feel more content. It starts by looking at the whole being, rather than just physical symptoms or a specific problem, and takes into consideration psychology, our environment and nutrition.

Living in a society that constantly pushes the limit, we tend to push ourselves to achieve material goals and we sometimes neglect time to give ourselves chance to recharge our batteries.

Integral Biology plays a major role here. It is the study of our environment’s effects on our physical and mental health. Working in an uncomfortable working environment can cause stress, tiredness and related conditions such as anxiety and depression. In our home life a lack of exercise and poor diet, coupled with too much sedentary activity (watching TV, using computers) may cause similar types of conditions in the long term.

We should all consider what factors influence our integral biology and weigh up the positive and negative. Combine this with plotting your Holistic Chart (see section ‘How Holistic are you?’) and you can begin to see if there are any aspects that you feel are affecting you and your general level of well-being.

Negative Factors
affecting us

Positive Factors
affecting us

  • lack of exercise
  • regular exercise
  • processed food
  • eating fresh veg and fruit
  • lack of fresh air
  • eating a varied and healthy diet
  • too much alcohol – it’s a depressant
  • drinking plenty of water ( 6 – 8 glasses)
  • stressful/ unrewarding job
  • taking regular breaks at work and at home
  • bereavement/ grief
  • getting enough sleep
  • too much caffeine (tea/coffee/cola)
  • getting plenty of fresh air
  • lack of water (we are 70% water after all!)
  • drinking less alcohol and more juices
  • lack of sleep / disturbed sleep
  • stopping smoking
  • financial worries / problems
  • seeking advice/help for financial worries. Even if you can’t solve them over night at least you can agree a plan to get you in control of repayments
  • relationship/ family problems
  • seeking help when needed whether it be counselling, aromatherapy treatment or relaxation classes
  • smoky / badly ventilated home or office
  • talking things through honestly with people; communicating with family and partners. Sometimes we forget what we have and take it for granted and focus on the bad bits.
  • not talking openly about worries / bottling up anxieties and fears
  • planning things holidays, day trips, anything really; having things to look forward to gives you that boost to help you overcome day to day stresses
  • peer pressure to have material items
  • having an interest that’s just yours, away from family and everything else. These may be a bit daunting for some people, but once you are in the swing of things you may find a new lease of life!
  • trying to adhere to other people’s expectations


  • having good friends and having a good laugh. holidays and fun!

In the long term if you continue to feel stress in response to some of the negative factors, but take no action to remove the source of the stress, solve the issue or alter your pattern of responding to it, then your body will remain on permanent ‘red alert’ and eventually your health and well-being will deteriorate.

In the short term stress symptoms can include:

  • Churning stomach
  • Racing heart/ palpitations
  • Loss of appetite
  • Trembling
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating

Left untreated stress can cause chest pains, allergies, persistent insomnia, high blood pressure, migraines, depression, ulcers and increase susceptibility to infections.

So it really is important to build as many positive factors of integral biology into your life as you can. Not only will you feel healthier, you will also be better equipped to cope with the stress that comes from sources out of your control and you will regain control of your life instead of feeling it’s running away with you!


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