Soap that moisturises, lathers and leaves skin soft !? (:

Happy Days are here again. Do you want a soap that is kind to your skin, moisturises your skin, lasts twice (at least) as long as normal soap and is packed with nature's own ingredients??

Well girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen get washing in our fabulous soap as soon as possible. You will never ever again try another brand of soap or shower gel and just think of all those containers you are saving from the UK's landfill. So you can even pat yourself on the back whilst you wash because you are saving resources, not adding to landfill and you are using soap that's free from Palm Oil (Palm Oil Plantations are destroying the Orangutan's habitat in Borneo & Sumatra; they are on the verge of extinction).

We make the soap in large moulds using Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil and Shea butter, then blended with Little Satsuma's essential oils and extracts. It then takes 4 weeks for it to cure and we cut it. Then it's packed and ready to go to our eager Satsuma Washers the world over!

All this from a bar of soap you say!! I know isn't it amazing, you are clean, moisturised, you have become a member of the Little Satsuma Family of eco-washers the world over.

Please note we have had reports of people feeling so at one with nature after using our soap that neighbours have spotted them lying fully clothed, star shaped on the front lawn, or sniffing the neighbours rockery - we do not recommend this if you want a Christmas Card from them next year! (:



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