Crystal Deodorants - We are a new supplier!

Having been buying our Deodorants from, we know our customers love them and due to recent media interest more and more people are trying them out and finding out how well they work. When we found out that the suppliers were no longer going to be supplying them we decided to buy their web domain and start supplying Crystal Deodorant ourselves: Natural Crystal Deos by Little Satsuma.

What are they and what do they do
These crystals have been used in Asia since the year dot to effectively but naturally provide protection. The crystal deodorants last a long time and are free from aluminium chlorohydrate and zirconium.

They won't clog your pores and are also great as they won't leave white stains you get with alot of other deos.
Crystal deodorant has a natural antibacterial action. Body odour is caused by bacteria. By applying the crystal deodorant a thin unnoticeable layer is left on the skin. Odour causing bacteria are not able to thrive on those areas.

Saving Money and Saving the environment
Also from a cost perspective a large crystal deodorant stick will last 9 to 12 months. This a) saves you a lot of money compared to how many 'normal' deodorants you would buy during that period and b) saves heaps of packaging and massively reduces you contribution to the land fill problem.

How to buy them
If you are an individual customer wanting to buy them you can buy them in our online shop Just Click here!

If you are a company/ business who wishes to buy from us trade please click here.


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