How Holistic are you?

It is really about, as an individual, working with our body, surroundings and environment, rather than against them! The mental, emotional & physical parts of a person are all interdependent; the state of one has an effect on all the others.
Too often we overlook the need for relaxation, time out, peace and quiet; we have little free time and what we do have seems to disappear all too quickly. This is when we become stressed, ill and our body is thrown out of balance.

Plot your own holistic chart!
The centre of the chart is Zero. The edge is Ten. For each aspect of your life place an ‘X’ to represent your level of contentment in each aspect. Zero is very discontent, Ten is very content. Once you have scored each aspect – connect the crosses to see if any imbalances exist. This can help identify where your stress emanates from, then you can start to plan to overcome it!

Click here for a printable version of the chart



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