How it all began....

I've always been keen on the environment and animals since I was a kid,and have been veggie for 17 years. I did a talk in school when I was 12 on the environment and CFCs and I fainted and crashed through my whole display mid-talk, only just avoiding being decapitated by a blackboard, and awoke 2 minutes later on the floor staring up at a drama theatre containing 150 onlookers!...

17 years on I've been to university, been a holiday rep living in a tent for 6 months (plus obligatory dressing up a ghost every week & being chased around an overgrown field in the dark by 30 over excitable children all in the name of 'Kids club'), I've worked in the City of London at a stockbrokers & a bank and I've trained as a massage therapist & aromatherapist and am now living and working back in Liverpool.

A few things have been pivotal in me getting to this point now, for various reasons. Attending a talk by Taddy Blecher who set up South Africa's CIDA University from his employer's fax machine - with no buildings, teachers or courses - and who taught his first students to type on photocopied pc keyboards - inspiring and moving to see what can be acheived by effort, determination and a passion for something you believe in. Starting Kundalini Yoga which I believe set me on the path to quitting smoking, losing weight and changing my lifestyle. Volunteering for redundancy from my job in the City. Going to a little village by the sea in Italy on my own for a bit to decide what to with my life! Meeting my massage and anatomy teacher, Bhavesh Joshi, who is well respected in his work. A conversation in a pavement cafe in Cannes with a friend about Orangutans and Palm oil which led to us learning to make soap - palm oil-free soap. Meeting Simon Jones who put me in touch with Emmett Brosnan of VN2 Designs who helped me at very short notice when we were let down and who has put alot of time and effort into this project & helped me to learn enough to do website stuff myself.

We have tried our products out extensively on ourselves and willing friends and family and they are what we believe is the best we've found. The more I speak to people the more I hear about increasing skin reactions/asthma, psoriasis and so on and my personal opinion is alot of it is due to our over-reliance on synthetics and not enough use of natural healing oils and ingredients. None of our products are tested on animals, and they don't contain animal fats, all our products are kind to nature aswell as to us. Everything is recyclable where possible and we will strive to work towards everything being recyclable- I abhor the idea of the throw-away society we have created and I encourage everyone to recycle any stuff you get from us. I know that locally Wirral has just begun offering plastic recycling which is cracking news.

I am a firm believer that if we all do just one little bit to help and make a difference it mounts up and has an impact. I don't want to sit back and watch the world go to pot, I want to play my part in some way and I want to have enough money to go and see the Orangutans whilst there are amazing people working hard to keep them from extinction. Let's make try and Walk Gently on the Earth

Why the name?
Everyone says that they like the name 'Little Satsuma', but the next comment is usually "Where on earth did you get the name from?" If you take a look at the Map your Holistic Chart section you will see that the chart is a circle, made up of segments which represent a person's life, such as health, domestic situation, financial freedom, spiritual, social life etc.

Each segment of the chart impacts the other; like the Satsuma consists of segments and would not be complete with a segment missing or withered.

Well that is partly the reason yes, and I love the segment analogy that came to me when I was thinking about the holistic chart segments, but, to be honest, the actual name came to me when I had had a few glasses of wine and was talking to someone I knew about what I'd really like to do and what I would call it!!

Environment & Ethos
Our packaging and containers are glass where possible, our bags are paper from sustainable sources and we recycle wherever we can. All our packaging is re-used from our suppliers and from local collections that we make from other shops (boxes, bubble wrap etc). That way your order arrives intact and we re-use existing resources. Please help us to be environmentally friendly and recycle any of the packaging and containers you receive from us.

We provide natural products that are animal friendly - in that they are not tested in animals and do not contain animal fat. Our soaps are handmade and contain only natural ingredients; they are soft and kind to your skin; no harsh chemicals, no synthetics or detergents.

We do not use Palm Oil from Indonesia as it is destroying the rainforest and pushing the Orangutans to extinction. However, we are working on a soap using Palm Oil from Africa to show it can be beneficial and sustainable in another part of the world.


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